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Xera Co. Ltd is a company that specializes in the export of window blinds and the fabrics used to make them.



Bio-friendly Blinds
Multi-functional Blinds for Healthy Environment

Nowadays people are more concerned about protecting environment and having healthy environment.
For these new items, we focused on the functionality to meet this emerging and increasing concern in the field of window covering.

These are three major functions that come through dope-dyed method.
Dope-dyed yarn is considered as an Eco-friendly yarn since no dyeing process is needed after weaving process.
This helps to save water and energy consumption, avoid dyeing pollution, and reduce CO2 emission.
In addition, by using dope-dyed yard, the effect of function stay almost permanently.

1. Anti Bacteria
Even though we do not usually recognize bacteria, we are easily exposed to many kinds of bacteria in the place where we live and work.
Also window blinds is not washable so it can be polluted by dust and bacteria.
This function will promote hygiene in our daily living and working place.
According to the reliable test, this product resists bacteria 99.9 %.

2. UV protection.
Not only block sunlight and heat but also it blocks UV that is harmful to skin and eyes.
It blocks UV-B (290nm~300nm) and UV-R (290nm~400nm) as well as UV-A (320nm-400nm).
The test report shows that this product blocks UV up to 99.9%.

3. Deodorization
The fabric also is able to remove a bad smell or make it less noticeable up to 28%.

Technical Data

Composition Polyester 100%
Thickness 0.26mm±5%
Weight 141.1g/㎡±5%
Width 280cm
Tensile strength Warp 100dan / Weft 1100dan
Packing 50m/roll
Elongation Warp 21% / Weft 22.0%
Fastness to light Above 4 grade
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