What is Green Guard?

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Xera Co. Ltd is a company that specializes in the export of window blinds and the fabrics used to make them.


About Greenguard

What is Green Guard?

Acquired GREENGUARD Certification by UL U.S - international safety standard certification institution

UL U.S was founded in 2001 for protecting human health and quality of life from chemical material exposure & Indoor Air Quality.

Our Bio collection products acquired GREENGUARD Certification.

UL: Environmental assessment institute of U.S Standards System

This Certification offers strict standards on the method, examination, sampling

Rigorous standard on harmful effects on the human body

Use GREENGUARD product and save the environment!

GREENGUARD carefully measures the emission of chemical substances
which are volatilized in the atmosphere (Carcinogen, Formaldehyde, Respiratory Dust etc…)
that may cause allergy, respiratory disturbance, neurological disorder.
GREENGUARD Gold Certification
GREENGUARD Certification
  • CEO : Jang hee Shin
  • Address : 13, Munhwa-ro 23 gil, Seogu, Daegu, South Korea
  • Fax : +82-53-752-3425